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Does your real estate agent truly have what it takes to ensure you get the most out of your biggest investment?

Kudos to you and your team!

Brent and Audrey, thank you so much again for your hard work and guidance during this process! Wow, we woke up this morning and couldn't believe it:) Please give our many thanks to your team (special kudos to the staging team and their choices...I will be asking where they got a few things:) Have a wonderful, sunny day-I know we will!

Cheers, Megan, Rick and Brayden

Amazing Marketing

Dear Audrey,

Thank you for working with us on the sale of our home on De Grassi Street. Selling our house was a huge decision, and part of that decision was realizing we should not do on your own but to use a relator. But who to use, was the question we ask ourselves over and over after interviewing 4 other realtors.

Why did we finally settled on you? The deciding factor was how you market "Brent & Audrey" - you had a huge presence in our area and were representing many home sellers, plus you seem to have signage everywhere, from staging trucks to billboard signs to door-to-door flyers. But the biggest deciding factor was your web presence. In a digital world being found on the web should be top priority, and your web site ROCKS! Easy to find – easy to use – easy to contact - with magnificent photography of the homes you are selling.

After deciding upon yourself there where other elements that confirmed we had made the right decision. First, was the process you go through in order for a home to look it's best, the minor renovations you suggested and the free staging were a big bonus. The team of people you have working with you know their stuff, and know what you are looking for. The final result was amazing and it showed in the photography of our home.

Second, was your knowledge of the real estate market, from the marketing of the house sale itself to your pricing strategy. You were always very confident in your approach, while still open to our suggestions. The final outcome was the selling of our home well over asking, something everyone was surprised by. You said you were a take charge kind of person and that you were.

Thank you again for all your help and availability as we made the transition to our new home.

Shawn and Bill

You always took the time

Thanks again for all of your help these past (gulp) 15 months! Dulny and Feetham are pretty picky so we knew we were dealing with someone fantastic when both of them recommended you. You have been very patient with us (ok me) and always took the time to answer our (ok my) questions. You really are the best at what you do (and trust me, I deal with a lot of real estate types) so I am not just saying that!

Thanks again!

Nadia and Warren

Thank You for allowing me to retire!

Ron and I would like to thank you both and your whole team for doing such a wonderful job staging our home resulting in obtaining the highest selling price that we were hoping for. This is making it possible for me to finally be able to retire. I advised my human resources department yesterday of my intention to take early retirement! Once again, thank you for all of your work.

P.S. We will be referring you to any friends or family that might want to list or buy a home.

Nancy and Ron

Right on the Money!

You did an outstanding job for us and we are very grateful. Audrey - your staging was fabulous - I look at the pictures on the web and I'm wondering why I'm moving out! Also, you were right on the money about the potential buyer for the house. Brent - you are a closer - thanks for getting us the extra 10K this morning - I was about to let it go but you stood firm. Overall strategy to underprice and sell over asking worked well - I have to thank Amy for pushing me to follow your good advice. So it's kinda funny but I am going to miss this house, especially with the new carpet, paint and furniture!


An Awesome Team!

Thank you so much for your efforts in getting us maximum value for our house. We were stunned–pleasantly surprised is an understatement–when you set the asking price so much higher than we were expecting. And we know from other sources the incredulity from other agents that you could pull it off. But you did and, in so doing, set the bar for other properties in our neighbourhood. You have an awesome team. You pushed us to work with them but they were exceptionally professional too. And more importantly, you guided us through a challenging negotiation and, as tempted as I was to dictate the pace, I put my faith in you and your experience proved invaluable; the outcome was exactly as you predicted. It couldn't have worked out better. You know your business. It's one thing to set an ambitious price in this crazy market and let the chips fall where they may. It's something delightfully different to follow through to the end and bring it home. We fully understand why your business grows by word of mouth and you and Audrey deserve all the accolades.


A little extra goes a long way!

Brent, Thanks so much for all the extra time you took to investigate mortgage options for me. Thanks to Audrey as well!


Goodbye worries!

We just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service you provided for the sale of our house. Your efforts helped us sell our house for the best possible price and in a short period of time. We couldn't have done it without your help!

One of the determining factors in selecting you as our agent was the fact that you include free staging services. We did not realize the time and commitment required to stage a house. Your staging crew took the time and made the effort necessary (two to three full days) to transform our lived-in home into a beautiful showpiece. The transformation was so incredible that we even reconsidered moving!

In addition to the complimentary staging services, you also provided the ultimate in outstanding customer service. Just hours after we confirmed our intentions to retain you as our realtor, your design team was at our home (free of charge) to evaluate the changes necessary to maximize the sale price of our house. You also took the time to coordinate all the services we required (i.e. painting, window washing and house cleaning services), and even personally helped us sweep the backyard deck before the photographer took pictures! The photographs and colour brochures were amazing!

Your customer service is truly exceptional. You always took the time to answer our questions and provide information and feedback to us. In addition, you always responded immediately (literally within minutes) when we called or emailed you. We are certain that we would not have received this outstanding level of customer service elsewhere.

Without reservation, we would definitely recommend you as a realtor to our friends and family. Your knowledge, dedication and commitment to providing superior customer service goes well above and beyond what is required.

Laurie and Pavel on their selling experience with Brent

Driven by passion

Audrey, thank you for being the full package - being available, knowing the market, knowing the neighbourhood, knowing the potential buyer, maximizing staging so that prospective buyers can see the home for all that it can be, honest and open discussions, efficiency from start to finish, and most of all, for the passion that drives it all. It isn't about the commission, it's about optimizing the value of your home, which is what you deliver. When the time comes for my next sale, I will only be making one phone call.


Thank you for your past 2 years of correspondence!

Brent & Team,

We just wanted to send you a little note to thank you for your lovely correspondence and notes over the past two years! We've been so happy with our home and love our neighbourhood and neighbours alike. We've ,ade a few renosto the home since we purchased it- really opened up the main floor! We hope you have a lovely summer!

Warm Regards,

Nicole, Kevin and Lachlan

Better than a crystal ball!

Throughout the entire process of buying and selling our home, you told us that you didn't have a crystal ball to predict the outcome. As it turns out, you have something better: experience. That, combined with your integrity and impressive interpersonal skills, makes for the type of agent we'll continually recommend. You are that good.

We knew within 20 minutes of meeting you that we would choose you to sell our place as opposed to the other agent ‒ a very difficult decision based on the circumstances. We can confidently say that we haven't regretted that decision one bit - you went above and beyond the expectations of any other real estate agent.

As busy as you are, you never rushed us. You continued to give us excellent advice even after our home was sold. Furthermore, the people you choose to work with are spectacular.

Thank you for helping make an otherwise stressful experience, a more enjoyable one.

Happily ever after,
Tali, Gavin and Chloe :)

A special brand of magic

Dear Brent,
I just wanted to say thank you once again for all your work in getting my house on Malvern sold. It was all done so quickly and painlessly that I still can't believe it! You really worked magic to get it done. And I also greatly appreciate the interest you took in the house that I bought. Now that's dedication - when you drive halfway across town to look at the house I was buying through another agent. Your support and professional opinion meant a lot to me. I will invite you and Audrey over for a cup of tea (depending on your preference) once I settle into the new place. It only took me only a couple of days to get ensconced in its cozy and charming rooms.

I knew that if you had not responded so quickly when I first called you and given me a good assessment of the selling price for Malvern, I would not have had the confidence to put in the offer needed to get the house on Brentwood. I will forever be grateful for all of your assistance in both transactions.

All the best,

Tricking the trickster!

Audrey is so good at what she does that you may be tempted to believe she's sold her soul to the devil in exchange for extraordinary real estate skills.

However, the truth is far more sinister - it was the devil who sold his soul to Audrey and she managed to secure it for $100,000 under the original asking price!


Marketing strategies that pay off

Now that the dust has settled after graduation from Audrey's Boot Camp, we wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the end result.

Your name came to us highly recommended and we knew we had choices. You came in prepared and confident. You set the bar high and stood out from the rest. When the finishing touches were put on the house and the "For Sale" sign went up, we knew the seeds had been planted and were about to sprout. Based on the amount of traffic we saw even before the weekend open house, your marketing strategy clearly paid off. All along we were able to smile, knowing that we were in good hands. Your work behind the scenes clearly paid off and we sold well over asking price.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to any friends or family who ask us for suggestions. We can confidently say that Audrey delivers.

Thank you again.
Cal and Sandra

Buying or selling? Call Audrey!

Audrey is just amazing and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone buying and selling a home. Although she brings an incredible amount of expertise to the relationship, let me focus on the three areas that were really important to us.


At the end of the day, buying and selling a house is about getting a great price for the home you buy and maximizing the sale price on the one you are leaving. Audrey has exceptional negotiation skills and her pulse on the market. She has specific strategies on both sides and is an incredible negotiator. Her market expertise, her great relationships with other agents and her inside track on the industry are priceless and worth every penny of her commission. In our case, she was able to negotiate $100,000 below the original asking price of the home we bought (in a high demand area – the Beaches – and in a hot market where bidding wars are the norm). When we sold our house, her recommendations to stage and her marketing were stellar. We were able to get $75,000 over asking and the highest selling price for a semi to date in our neighbourhood. Her open house generated nearly 100 visits on top of the over 50 showings during the week. There were many offers on offer day. While we had a solid house to sell in a good neighbourhood (Leslieville), that level of activity is only generated with a great agent working on your behalf.


Audrey provides great service and communication. She responds instantly to any questions and requests, and is always available to show you any home. She also has great perspective and can give you an unbiased, unemotional view of the home you're looking to buy and the home you're looking to sell. She sees both the benefits and shortcomings that you may overlook in this highly emotional process. With Audrey, I always felt supported throughout the process and that she was constantly working on our behalf. You couldn't expect more in terms of service and communication.


Audrey's services include professional staging, which will blow your mind. We are very house proud and have invested substantially into both the structure and design of our home. When Audrey recommended doing some additional work that amounted to a $10,000 investment (painting, carpets, etc.), I was initially skeptical and nervous as we had just put the majority of our savings on the down payment for the home we had bought and were very tight financially.

All I can say is WOW. If Audrey recommends that you do something, just close your eyes and take the plunge – it will make the difference in the sale price of your home, and you won't regret it. She has done this a hundred times over and has the expertise, experience and perspective to guide you in the right direction. If she advises you to spend some money doing something to stage the house better – just do it. Audrey works hard and is really, really good. I was so impressed with Audrey that, even though she was both our buying agent and selling agent, I did not even try to negotiate down her 5% commission on the sale of our house. I really do believe that she is worth every penny she earns.