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With the amount of money involved and the many types of mortgages available today, it makes sense to shop carefully for your mortgage financing. The choices and rules for mortgages can be confusing.

How do you even begin to make a decision? By turning to someone with extensive experience in the field. Carrie is truly a magician when it comes to mortgages. Check the current rates and give Carrie a call. She'll amaze you!

"With over 18 years of lending experience, my role is to provide you with professional service and sound advice, making your mortgage transaction as painless as possible. As a mortgage specialist with Scotiabank, I am able to offer my clients some of the most innovative mortgage products available today and find the right mortgage to suit your individual needs.

I pride myself on the level of service I provide my customers with. In fact, most of my business comes from referrals from business partners and satisfied customers. My goal is to ensure you receive both professional advice and top-notch service. No matter what type of mortgage financing you're looking for, it makes sense to speak to me first. I can meet you at your convenience, whenever and wherever you wish. It's up to you."

Carrie Bryan
Scotiabank Mortgage Specialist

Telephone: (416) 657-4462
Fax: (416) 439-3381
Web page: