We have represented Toronto buyers for decades, and we know the local market better than the back of our hands.

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We are madly meticulous

We are not detail-oriented, we are detail-obsessed. We make it our priority to learn all there is about you and your expectations so we can create the perfect purchasing plan that covers every last aspect. With refined processes, we ensure nothing gets missed.

We are completely unfiltered

We see every buyer as a life-long connection, and future seller. We never sugar coat our professional opinion, and let’s be honest, would you really want us to? We are able to get our clients into the best homes available on—and sometimes off—the market, as we never compromise when it comes to finding the perfect property match. We do this while trying to hit all the “wants” and “nice-to-haves” on your wish list, and maybe even more.

We are property passionate

We make sure that you purchase the best possible house on the market because we care about our clients, and ensuring you get the home you are happy with is our top priority. We want to be the ones you call when it is time to sell, so we never tell you to purchase anything we would not buy ourselves.

5 Star Reviews

"I am grateful everyday to you for not letting me buy the house that had a foundation issue and no garage. It was three doors down from the one I ended up getting, and it's been over 10 years of driving up to my stunning Victorian home and into my incredible garage—and I am grateful for it each day! Thanks for being patient and making sure I got the best house EVER!"

- Catherine M.

“Brent, thanks so much for all the extra time you took to investigate mortgage options for me. Thanks to Audrey as well!”

- Marina

“We've been so happy with our home and love our neighbourhood and neighbours.”

- Nicole, Kevin, and Lachlan

Our Proven Purchasing Process

We take everything we have learned over decades working in the Toronto market to create informed, custom buying plans that ensure you get the best possible home for your budget.

01 Intuition: Innate market knowledge

We have decades of combined local real estate experience, so we have an intimate understanding of the city’s housing stock. We know exactly where to find the best listings in the right neighbourhoods for your lifestyle. Thanks to our industry expertise and reliable network, we can often source unique opportunities including off-market or pre-market properties. We’re also among the first to know about upcoming listings.

02 Education: Smarter with every showing

After showings, we provide you with a summary that includes a breakdown of each house visited along with the respective sold prices. This way, you can easily recall the properties you saw, solidify your new-home criteria, and understand pricing and value within the current market.

03 Full-service: White-glove buying approach

Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive real estate services. So when you work with us, we take complete control of the process. You can be as involved as you want to be, but we are prepared to manage and facilitate the entire transaction. Our industry connections mean you will be introduced to other trustworthy, reasonable real estate professionals, from lawyers to tradespeople. Even after closing, we offer never-ending client care. We are here for the long-haul!

04 Negotiation: You catch more flies with honey

Being successful in negotiations is not always about playing hardball—although we are really good at that, too. It is also about tailoring our strategy to fit the style of the seller’s agent. Luckily, we already know most agents in Toronto, and have great relationships with them. This gives us an incredible advantage when we are going to bat for you, and that is priceless.

Because we want to be your agents for life, we never leave the bargaining table until we get you the absolute best value for your home. Agents in our city know: Brent & Audrey advocate for their clients.

“Audrey is so good at what she does that you may be tempted to believe she’s sold her soul to the devil in exchange for extraordinary real estate skills. However, the truth is far more sinister… It was the devil who sold his soul to Audrey, and she managed to secure it for $100,000 under the original asking price!” — Ross

Even after the deal is done and you are all settled, we always want to hear from you. Whether you need information about your new neighbourhood, professional service referrals, discounts on art and furniture, or general advice, we want to be the ones to help. And when you are ready to enter the market again, we will be here for that, too.

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